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Next Song

Song for Autumn! :) Celebration!XD

 And golden leaves leave when Autumn love just comes :)

For someone special. :) ;)
About the facebook/twitter cross-posting and ping-backs and repost and all.
I have already locked that function though I don't think that if someone wants to spread my little madness, they can't find a way. Copy paste, use mouse and keyboad, use screen capture et al. This reaally depends much on your conscience! So that you can say to yourself: "Your conscience is clear." ;) If you know me, you surely will know how that phrase means to me and this and every other vid I make and post on my sites! ^^" :-P
I have written the next part of my story! Polish it a bit and I will show ya all! Just feel excited! Hohohoho!!!XDD
ETA: Or maybe not that soon, your lazy face is here! B-)
But she still has one hell of a pile of stuff to learn!!!!! Waaaaa!!!!!! *Cry*
But I do make a little progress! *Drumrolls* XD Try try Try TRY!XD
Because almost all of my friends have had posts concerning that issue already, I thought that I don't have to do it but, ok, I do it now for its sake!XD Cheers! 
Will publish my journals in... years to come! :-P
ETA: For those who still have troubles with this new *improvement* 
I did wonder that I have forgotten something but couldn't remember what it was! Haha! Absent-minded me. Here we go, a million thanks to my friends :D
To disable crossposting:

.b-repost-item {display:none}

1. Go to Customize Journal Style (Customize your theme).
2. Select Custom CSS from left hand sidebar menu.
3. Paste the .b-repost-item {display:none} into the Custom stylesheet box.
4. Save changes!

I am shadow. I am glory :):


( 4 Drops of truth :) — Come sing with me, Angels! :) )
10th Sep, 2010 23:17 (UTC)
my favourite autumn song (sung by the great Edith Piaf)

11th Sep, 2010 01:02 (UTC)
Heart this too.
Love that people can give so many colours to autumn time :D
Somewhere the stinging colour still sounds .

But almost are oh so sad. Why autumn has to be sad?
Edited because I always got problems with using html!o.0
11th Sep, 2010 19:44 (UTC)
yay for updating your story!!
I always get really excited to write the next part of whatever I'm working on, even it's it's only a paragraph. It's a NEW paragraph! :D
12th Sep, 2010 06:12 (UTC)
YEah! It's just well, whatever it is, NEW! Often to me, it's just a line!XD
How's yours? *whispering into my ear, please!XD*
The latest news I can get about it is quite not new anymore!:-P
Or maybe I didn't find the right tag!
Yay for the party and the job! ^^"
( 4 Drops of truth :) — Come sing with me, Angels! :) )

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